The Gravedigger’s Wife: Hunting dead bodies for a living Quickening Rebecaa Huntt’s debut film takes no prisoners and leaves many casualties Lingui, The Sacred Bonds ‘Out of Sync’ hides its best moments out of sight Yuni: A story of defiance, bravery and freedom


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TRAD is a grassroots educational organization. We create African centered educational experiences, publish a bi-weekly ideas magazine, and create educational resources for learners, teachers, and community.



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Lingui, The Sacred Bonds:
A Stab At Patriarchy

In tiff by Halima Aliyu September 25, 2021

While some films have the potential to be unappealing, others have the power and capability to be influential. “Lingui: The Scared Bonds” is the latter, a film that sheds light on the experiences of resilient Chadian women and promotes social issues that women in many communities have been battling.  Directed by Mahamat-Saleh Haroun, the film revolves around Amina (Achouackh Abakar …

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‘Out of Sync’ hides its best moments out of sight

In tiff by Cadeem Lalor September 25, 2021

PLOT:The film is the latest from Spanish director Juanjo Gimenez, whose filmography includes documentaries and short films (the idea for this film began as a short story idea). “Out of Sync” stars Marta Nieto in the lead role of an unnamed sound designer, who has to leave work after her hearing becomes out of sync. The condition starts with simple …

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Yuni: A story of defiance, bravery and freedom

In tiff by Chidera Ukairo September 25, 2021

Plot Summary: Kamila Andini’s latest film, Yuni, is a coming-of-age story that follows the life of a teenage Indonesian girl trying to figure out who and what she wants to be. Yuni is an intelligent high-school girl with a loving family, a group of close friends, a rebellious personality and an obsession for the colour purple. Her dream to go …


More Than a Dish

 Quickening Artist Talk

Egúngún Artist Talk


We Build

Learning to walk


    Elder Mohamed Sheikh

    A lesson in negotiations, geopolitics and marriage diplomacy with Somali-Canadian elder.

    Prof Maurice


    Prof. Maurice Iwu invites you to consider that our ideas of medicine are never complete.  



    One-on-one with Celina Caesar-Chavannes about power, politics and Black womanhood in Canada.

    Dr. Chika Ezeanya

    Dr Chika Ezeanya- Esiobu discusses the relationship between knowledge and power.

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    Hope through time can make a great a story

    In Season 2 To Be by Anu Makinde September 6, 2021

    Nelson Mandela’s book Conversations With Myself has been my version of a frayed blanket that travels through life with me. Like a gift endowed at birth, this book met my fresh hope at 10 years old to teach me an abundance of lessons. I remember how my heart felt on that day after school; the book displayed on the news, …

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    All That’s Left Behind

    In Season 2 To Be by Rhonda Nebiyou September 6, 2021

    For my entire life, I have felt like an outsider looking in. Growing up, there were a lot of ways I knew I was different that would crop up at different ages. Obscure and obsessive interests, and touch aversion immediately come to mind, but some of my earliest and most distinct memories surround my preoccupation with patterns. I see them …

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    Tuesdays are for the Ocean.

    In Season 2 To Be by Abena Peprah September 6, 2021

    Tuesdays are for the Ocean. Sundays are for the universe. Mondays are for peace. Wednesdays are for the spider. Thursdays are for the earth. Fridays are for fertility. Saturdays are for God. When we look to Ghanaian naming traditions, a name marks a person’s place and signifies belonging to a spirit, to a history, to a circumstance. You may find …

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    What Ghana’s anti-gay bill means for PanAfricanism and the African Return Movement

    In Season 2 To Be by TRAD September 6, 2021

    Ghana made headlines at the end of July when the draft of an anti-gay legislation bill was submitted to its Parliament, proposing up to 10 years in jail for anyone identifying as gay or even advocating for LGBTQ rights. This bill seeks to legalize conversion therapy and force intersex people to undergo “gender realignment” surgery and emerges after a year …

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    Featured Artist: Amani Omar

    In Season 2 To Be by Amani Omar September 6, 2021

    Amani Omar is a 19 year old artist, writer, and spoken word poet based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Her work is rooted in black and Muslim representation, social issues, self love and Somali culture. Her goal is to create and inspire young creatives to explore their voices and bring about more diversity in the media through her artistic content. The …

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    Tell Every Woman’s Story:
    The Plight and Power of Female Journalists in Cameroon

    In Editor's Pick Power by Sherlyn Assam August 28, 2021

    Boycotts, protests, towns burned to the ground. Hundreds of deaths, and hundreds of thousands displaced. Separatists, militia, and journalists impinged by an authoritarian presidency. The struggle for power in Cameroon is one of majority and minority, French-speaking and English. President Biya’s 38th year in office is marked by another year of infighting prompted by the marginalization of the English-speaking population …

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    The Wounds of My Motherland Scar Me:
    A Nigerian-Canadian Perspective on National Trauma

    In Editor's Pick Health and Healing by Noroh Dakim and Sonia Igboanugo February 14, 2021

    Because national trauma is hardly discussed in the context of its effects on diasporans, we often experience a dissonance between the distress we feel as we watch our motherland bleed, and the unspoken message that we should not be as affected because we are far away from home. The lack of validation and under recognition of the impact of national trauma on the wellbeing and mental health of members of the diaspora is a huge disservice and quite frankly harmful.”

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    A most sacred plant

    In Editor's Pick Food by Donisha Prendergast December 20, 2020

    I love ganja, herb, marijuana, cannabis, weed, trees… whatever name the plant goes by in your world. I love everything about it. The colour, the smell, the taste, the texture, what it represents, how useful it is in the world, how it makes me feel, the ceremonious way I encounter it within Rastafari, the space that it brings me to.  …


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