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Who is TRAD?

TRAD is a grassroots educational organization. We create African centered educational experiences, publish a bi-weekly ideas magazine, and create educational resources for learners, teachers, and community.



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In Final Girl Season 3 by Preye Godwin February 14, 2024

AJ never paid much mind to the rumors that her mother’s estranged family were known to be powerful in the spirit world. But on AJ’s trip home to Bonny Island for the anniversary of her father’s death, the secrets and mysteries of the past begin to catch up with her.

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A Good House to Raise Daughters

In Final Girl Season 3 by Aseja Dava February 14, 2024

The stench of burning meat still filled the halls of Foxgate House. You found yourself between its jaws, staring up at the high-vaulted ceilings and the pale tile that gleamed like moonlight. The House made the rest of the world seem drained of color. Every window on the first floor had been flung open to let out the smoke pouring …

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all the good girls go to hell

In Final Girl Season 3 by Amanda Jeysing February 14, 2024

 Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.  Asha finds herself deep within a forest, white knuckles clenched and sweat dripping down her brow. She winces at her stinging bare feet as they carry her over sharp thorns and tree roots overlapping the damp ground beneath her like an undercurrent. The light in the sky is void with a palpable darkness that threatens to …


More Than a Dish

 Quickening Artist Talk

Egúngún Artist Talk


We Build

Learning to walk


    Elder Mohamed Sheikh

    A lesson in negotiations, geopolitics and marriage diplomacy with Somali-Canadian elder.

    Prof Maurice


    Prof. Maurice Iwu invites you to consider that our ideas of medicine are never complete.  



    One-on-one with Celina Caesar-Chavannes about power, politics and Black womanhood in Canada.

    Dr. Chika Ezeanya

    Dr Chika Ezeanya- Esiobu discusses the relationship between knowledge and power.

    TRAD Original Podcast

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    The Journey We Must Take

    In Belonging Season 3 by Charis Oladimeji June 5, 2023

    So, why in the world do we want to know what the meaning of life is, and how do we even answer such a loaded question? Well, I’m only human, and I can’t answer this question either, but let’s face it, life can be confusing and overwhelming at times. Sometimes, we just need to step away from our daily routine and take a break to reflect on who we are, what we want, and where we’re going.

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    The Rooms We Belong In

    In Belonging Season 3 by Orna Charles-Obazei June 5, 2023

    Belonging meant a betrayal of oneself. But, true belonging celebrates individuality. It creates a warm and inviting space, drawing out your true self and giving you comfort. You genuinely belong when being authentic is no longer a choice but your freedom.

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    The Conformity in Belonging

    In Belonging Season 3 by Marien Autumn De Freitas June 5, 2023

    Consequently, you have to be careful who you choose to belong to because, a lot of the time, we unconsciously end up sacrificing crucial parts of our identity to hold onto some warped sense of belonging.

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    What Am I but the Truth of My Home?

    In Belonging Season 3 by Sanyam Aggarwal June 5, 2023

    My sense of belonging arises with every whiff of aromatic caffeine. The bittersweet drink savors the truth of my home. It is astonishing yet comforting to experience the significant realization that we are the only people who get to exist as unique as ourselves.

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    What the cash crises in Nigeria truly means

    In Season 3 The Future by Oluwatofarati Oke June 5, 2023

    A BRIEF HISTORY OF MONEY AND ITS DEVELOPMENT Money in the form of currency has existed for at least 3000 years. Earlier, it used to exist in the form of coins. Now, paper bills are more common. Modern money is usually useless on its own, and this is one thing that makes it modern. Money in the form of currency …

    Editors Pick

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    Turning Red

    In Editor's Pick by Amanda Jeysing April 21, 2022

    This is a review of Disney-Pixar’s new feature film. You’ve been forewarned so proceed with caution, a reflective approach and a critical eye.

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    The Gravedigger’s Wife: Hunting dead bodies for a living

    In Editor's Pick TIFF by Amani Omar September 25, 2021

    Plot: ‘The Gravedigger’s wife’ is a film that revolves around Guled, a man who has been earning money as a gravedigger in order to provide for his son, Mahad, and sick wife, Nasra. As Nasra’s health declines, Guled is seen to go through many difficulties to earn money and ensure his wife’s Kidney surgery and treatment.  Review:  In his debut …

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    I am now looking to my queer ancestors.

    In Editor's Pick Season 2 To Be by Iqra Abid September 6, 2021

    Growing up, I often felt lost, endlessly searching for unfathomable answers and some kind of purpose. The question of “who am I?” would ring loudly in my head and sometimes, it still does. In my attempts to understand my own being, I would find myself stuck in cycles of denial and hesitancy, struggling to come to terms with my seemingly …

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    Soul Revisited

    In Editor's Pick Season 2 To Be by Chidera Ukairo September 6, 2021

    The pandemic exhausted me mentally, physically and emotionally. There were and, in many ways, continue to be no breaks from trauma on personal, societal and ecological levels. I’d never in my life looked for peace and comfort as much as I did and continue to. At a critical moment in life, when there was so much loss and unknown, all …

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    Tuesdays are for the Ocean.

    In Editor's Pick Season 2 To Be by Abena Peprah September 6, 2021

    Tuesdays are for the Ocean. Sundays are for the universe. Mondays are for peace. Wednesdays are for the spider. Thursdays are for the earth. Fridays are for fertility. Saturdays are for God. When we look to Ghanaian naming traditions, a name marks a person’s place and signifies belonging to a spirit, to a history, to a circumstance. You may find …

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    Tell Every Woman’s Story

    In Editor's Pick Power by Sherlyn Assam August 28, 2021

    Boycotts, protests, towns burned to the ground. Hundreds of deaths, and hundreds of thousands displaced. Separatists, militia, and journalists impinged by an authoritarian presidency. The struggle for power in Cameroon is one of majority and minority, French-speaking and English. President Biya’s 38th year in office is marked by another year of infighting prompted by the marginalization of the English-speaking population …


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