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The Gravedigger’s Wife: Hunting dead bodies for a living

In tiff by Amani Omar September 25, 2021

Plot: ‘The Gravedigger’s wife’ is a film that revolves around Guled, a man who has been earning money as a gravedigger in order to provide for his son, Mahad, and sick wife, Nasra. As Nasra’s health declines, Guled is seen to go through many difficulties to earn money and ensure his wife’s Kidney surgery and treatment.  Review:  In his debut …

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A Quiet Struggle that Speaks Volumes.

In tiff by Reina Cowan September 25, 2021

“I think you’re trying to capture the audience. Not really trying to explain every bit of what’s going on in your mind, but to make them believe in that moment that you’re going through something. And that they went through that something with you, even without words or meaning. I think the purpose is to pass a message,” says Sheila, …

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Rebecaa Huntt’s debut film takes no prisoners and leaves many casualties

In tiff by Chidera Ukairo September 25, 2021

Plot Summary: Beba is a documentary autobiography that peels back the layers of filmmaker Rebeca Huntt’s life and exposes all, or most of its skeletons. Huntt’s debut film explores race, class, and her ancestry authentically. She dives deep into the story of how her family came to live in New York, the wounds and tensions between family members that span …

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Lingui, The Sacred Bonds:
A Stab At Patriarchy

In tiff by Halima Aliyu September 25, 2021

While some films have the potential to be unappealing, others have the power and capability to be influential. “Lingui: The Scared Bonds” is the latter, a film that sheds light on the experiences of resilient Chadian women and promotes social issues that women in many communities have been battling.  Directed by Mahamat-Saleh Haroun, the film revolves around Amina (Achouackh Abakar …

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‘Out of Sync’ hides its best moments out of sight

In tiff by Cadeem Lalor September 25, 2021

PLOT:The film is the latest from Spanish director Juanjo Gimenez, whose filmography includes documentaries and short films (the idea for this film began as a short story idea). “Out of Sync” stars Marta Nieto in the lead role of an unnamed sound designer, who has to leave work after her hearing becomes out of sync. The condition starts with simple …

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Yuni: A story of defiance, bravery and freedom

In tiff by Chidera Ukairo September 25, 2021

Plot Summary: Kamila Andini’s latest film, Yuni, is a coming-of-age story that follows the life of a teenage Indonesian girl trying to figure out who and what she wants to be. Yuni is an intelligent high-school girl with a loving family, a group of close friends, a rebellious personality and an obsession for the colour purple. Her dream to go …

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I am now looking to my queer ancestors.

In Season 2 To Be by Iqra Abid September 6, 2021

Growing up, I often felt lost, endlessly searching for unfathomable answers and some kind of purpose. The question of “who am I?” would ring loudly in my head and sometimes, it still does. In my attempts to understand my own being, I would find myself stuck in cycles of denial and hesitancy, struggling to come to terms with my seemingly …

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A Life Well Lived

In Season 2 To Be by Elizabeth Oyegunle September 6, 2021

What does living a meaningful life mean? As humans, we tend to seek experiences that help determine whether we are living full and meaningful lives or not. For some, meaning can be found through professional success; for others, meaning parallels hard to define concepts such as happiness. I am in a period of my life where I am unravelling my …

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Am I South Indian or Christian?

In Season 2 To Be by Amanda Jeysing September 6, 2021

The academic racial quota was a routine proceeding during my fundamental years at my all-girls high school in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. When our teacher asked students of each ethnic group to raise their hands, we obliged without a second thought.  The majority of students in each class were Malays, followed by Chinese and Indians. According to public school protocol, Eurasians …

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Soul Revisited

In Season 2 To Be by Chidera Ukairo September 6, 2021

The pandemic exhausted me mentally, physically and emotionally. There were and, in many ways, continue to be no breaks from trauma on personal, societal and ecological levels. I’d never in my life looked for peace and comfort as much as I did and continue to. At a critical moment in life, when there was so much loss and unknown, all …

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