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In Earth by Anu Makinde May 26, 2022

I share my brother’s tomb In our time apart, I hope for his arrival funeral With guns, green grass and loud hills We spend time along rocked, blued, edges Arms as balance Mine more, yours less Legs crossed like the skies we share Mine more  Yours less I present compost as an abolitionary imaginary. Where our collective is the recognition …

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I Eat Therefore I am

In Earth by Halima Aliyu May 26, 2022

Humans are Omnivores. Anatomically, we can survive on both plant and animal products, which puts us on the third trophic level of the food chain. However, unlike other species that consume other organisms to move energy through the ecosystem and survive, humans have managed to intertwine food systems with cultural systems, self, and identity. How individuals eat and talk about …

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Reimagining Personhood

In Earth Season 2 by Rhonda Nebiyou April 26, 2022

Western jurisprudence conceives of individuals as atomistic actors that operate independently and are predominantly self-interested. In turn, a legal or juristic personality is understood as an entity other than a natural being that the law deems capable of upholding the rights, duties, and liabilities of a living person. This ideology, however, is problematic because it discounts the relationships that are …

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Land Stories: Letters I never sent

In Earth Season 2 by Amanda Jeysing April 26, 2022

As I write this my legs crossed on the chair   my fingers tap gently on a keyboard  my lips take alternative sips of orange juice and a berry smoothie  both reminding me that neither fruit was ripe or birthed from this soil I attempt to warm my hands in my partner’s comfy sweater it’s incredible how rubbing our hands together,  …

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Grey face studded by mineral – stoned, as her pockets bleed

In Earth Season 2 by Yannick Mutombo April 26, 2022

The freezing temperature of water is zero degrees Celsius. Mercury falls below this threshold; water molecules slow and coalesce into one solid structure. Ice will not form unless there is some sort of impurity in the water: specks of soil, bubbles of air. And so, in some cases water can remain in its liquid form at such low temperatures as …

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Why Black People Don’t Go Camping

In Earth Season 2 by Brianna Fable April 26, 2022

White child runs through scenic fields collecting wildflowers and stones. White child swims in the lake by her family’s cottage. She slathers sunscreen on her arms so that she doesn’t get burnt.  Black child runs through concrete playgrounds and grips metal monkey bars. Black child spins under the water of her family’s water hose. Black child inhales exhaust from streetcars …

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In Earth Season 2 by Celine Isimbi April 26, 2022

Amazi is Kinyrwandan for Water. Amanzi is IsiXhosa and IsiZulu for Water. Ama is Cherokee for Water. Madzi is Chichewa for Water. Omi is Yoruba for Water. Dlo is Haitian Creole for Water As I write this, I remember a question my professor posed to the class, “What is your gift to the Earth?”  This was after we discussed reciprocity …

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“Where all the Black people live”

In Earth Season 2 by Véronique Armstrong April 26, 2022

Suburbia is no home for Black children, and neither are our cities. In the suburbs, they had us isolated, ridiculed and harassed. In the cities, they grouped us together, stole our neighbourhoods, and killed our communities. 

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Turning Red

In Editor's Pick by Amanda Jeysing April 21, 2022

This is a review of Disney-Pixar’s new feature film. You’ve been forewarned so proceed with caution, a reflective approach and a critical eye.

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In God Season 2 by Jaylah A. Hall March 26, 2022

DEAR GOD,  I wonder why we’re caught in this trap. The White man is not you, and you are not a White man. So why do we see White people as so high on a sociological scale even after being freed in body? I see why mental transformation in Romans 12:2 is so important. Not conforming to this world is …

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