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Hooyo’s Home

In The Future by Hodan Abdi May 14, 2023

During a hot summer day, a cheerful game of soccer was being played on the school field when my stomach turned in a way that was scary but not foreign. At the tender age of ten, I knew what that meant — I was going to be sick. Without excusing myself, I ran to the washroom just in time for …

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A Journey Of Radical Acceptance

In Season 3 The Future by Tyla Jade May 6, 2023

As we contemplate the future, we envision evolution across various domains including communication, technology, and lifestyles. These advancements inspire optimism and excitement for what the future holds. However, the notion of the future may be difficult for the Black community to envision due to the impact of historical and current political structures that perpetuate white supremacy in both passive and …

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Because It Is Worth It!

In Season 3 The Future by Toluwalogo Olubeko May 6, 2023

Doctor, Lawyer,… If you were able to finish the sentence, you’ve probably heard a lecture or two from an older person in your life that was trying to steer you in “the right direction”. W

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In Earth by Anu Makinde May 26, 2022

I share my brother’s tomb In our time apart, I hope for his arrival funeral With guns, green grass and loud hills We spend time along rocked, blued, edges Arms as balance Mine more, yours less Legs crossed like the skies we share Mine more  Yours less I present compost as an abolitionary imaginary. Where our collective is the recognition …

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I Eat Therefore I am

In Earth by Halima Aliyu May 26, 2022

Humans are Omnivores. Anatomically, we can survive on both plant and animal products, which puts us on the third trophic level of the food chain. However, unlike other species that consume other organisms to move energy through the ecosystem and survive, humans have managed to intertwine food systems with cultural systems, self, and identity. How individuals eat and talk about …

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Reimagining Personhood

In Earth Season 2 by Rhonda Nebiyou April 26, 2022

Western jurisprudence conceives of individuals as atomistic actors that operate independently and are predominantly self-interested. In turn, a legal or juristic personality is understood as an entity other than a natural being that the law deems capable of upholding the rights, duties, and liabilities of a living person. This ideology, however, is problematic because it discounts the relationships that are …

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Land Stories: Letters I never sent

In Earth Season 2 by Amanda Jeysing April 26, 2022

As I write this my legs crossed on the chair   my fingers tap gently on a keyboard  my lips take alternative sips of orange juice and a berry smoothie  both reminding me that neither fruit was ripe or birthed from this soil I attempt to warm my hands in my partner’s comfy sweater it’s incredible how rubbing our hands together,  …

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