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Africa is a Continent and other stories.:
Why we need new maps, new words, and old ideas.

In Modernity/Tradition by Odogwu Ibezimako

Africa is not a country. Neither is it a continent. Not really—not in a true sense.  Continents are more a social idea than a true science. The continental frame you and I learn about in elementary school you know, Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America are not entirely made up, but they are imperfect intellectual constructs. …

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How to Survive A revolution

In Modernity/Tradition by Writers Room

We have attended so many funerals for people whose lives we did not know, but death we all witnessed. And in seeing breath pass from their bodies, a part of us dies as well. Our formidable Black cracks, knowing even in the quietest and most sacred moments, you can lay in bed to sleep, and wake up as a hashtag.

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Love letter to the ASA’s

In Modernity/Tradition by Sara Mustafa

Looking back on my time in university, I am extremely grateful and glad that I was able to belong to a community that I could unapologetically be myself in. So much of what I am today I owe to the ASA. So often we’d face difficulties accessing funding for our initiatives, support from our university, and even backlash and microaggressions for being unapologetically Black.

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Where is Jamaica?

In Modernity/Tradition by Cadeem Lalor

There are more Jamaicans living outside Jamaica than in Jamaica. Jamaica itself can be seen as an export. The diaspora, the people who have left it, is concentrated in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. Where is Jamaica? It is in Toronto, London, England? I was born in Jamaica and grew up in Canada, while also living in …