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Homegrown Cooking

In Food by Chelsea Bodoe

One of the earliest memories I have is playing “restaurant” in the plastic kitchen my parents bought for me. Brightly coloured plastic spoons would clang and clack against plastic pots as I whipped up the delicacy of the day. Of course, although no real ingredients were used, I took great care in pouring pretend broths, and chopping imaginary vegetables to …

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A most sacred plant

In Editor's Pick, Food by Donisha Prendergast

I love ganja, herb, marijuana, cannabis, weed, trees… whatever name the plant goes by in your world. I love everything about it. The colour, the smell, the taste, the texture, what it represents, how useful it is in the world, how it makes me feel, the ceremonious way I encounter it within Rastafari, the space that it brings me to.  …

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Stepped in, looking at a snack

In Food by Omobolanle Olarewaju

Close your eyes (figuratively I mean, you literally just started reading); transport yourself back to when you were a kid. What snack couldn’t you wait to eat after school? When your mother forced you into itchy formal wear and dragged you to a wedding, what snack made going even slightly more bearable? If you compare notes with friends, you’ll find …

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Dine with me:
How Food Brought Me Community

In Food by Ola Idris

I imagine Ethiopia tastes like minced raw beef, marinated in mitmita and niter kibbeh. I imagine it is hot and hospitable. Japan must taste like vinegared rice, with a serving of raw fish and vegetables. I’ve never been, but I have tasted them. Offered to me through the memory of their expatriates, at the bazar in my high school in …

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Food Is Medicine

In Food, Health and Healing by Odogwu Ibezimako

Prof. Maurice Iwu invites you to consider that our ideas of medicine are never fixed in time, and never complete. There have always existed multiple healing disciplines. He asks you to consider that the food you eat has great potential to heal you.  Prof Iwu is a professor and practitioner of pharmacognosy.  His expertise is in herbal medicine, and has …