We are a community curious about our African heritage. We publish thematic biweekly essays from young writers and thinkers in Ontario. We ask big questions and find original ideas from traditional and contemporary science, philosophy, society, design and arts.


West African mystics spoke of the turning of an age. A period where children will seek to remember the ways of their ancestors after a period of invasion and famine. They spoke of a burning curiosity that will drive the children of the displaced back home. It is impossible to know if that era is now. We do know that in our personal lives, in the lives of our team, and our organisation, we are animated by an ancestral force, and a historical logic that brings us to you, now. TRAD feels timely, necessary, and deeply urgent.

The strengths and contributions of our peoples have been written out of history and we have been educated in ways that have made us look at our heritage in shame and discontent. We reject this shame, and instead, choose life. We choose to write, think, and dream about the world on our terms. To honour the ways of life of our peoples across time, and build on their legacy. To ensure our histories are preserved, interrogated, and respected. Our mission is to remember, reclaim, and rebuild, on our terms.

We publish thematic biweekly digital essays from young writers and thinkers in Ontario. Some of our pieces will be light and easy, some of them will be challenging, all of them will be important. Revisiting traditional and contemporary worldviews will allow us to reflect on the institutions we build, the way we organize our lives and societies and challenge what we have been educated to believe is possible.

Building TRAD has been an exceptionally rewarding experience for us. It feels like the thing we have been searching for all our lives. A place we can come to with our whole selves. I hope you find some of what you are looking for reading through these pages. Please support us. Read, engage, share, like subscribe.

We are supported by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the Youth Opportunities Fund, and mentored by Empowerment Squared. To them, we are deeply grateful. 

We created TRAD because we owe this to ourselves.

Welcome to TRAD.

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Building Community
Inclusivity and Respect
Intellectual honesty and curiosity
Challenging conventional wisdom


  • Building community - We exist to serve our community and communities. We want to build pride, self-efficacy, and confidence.
  • Inclusivity and Respect -  We respect our audience, our colleagues. We respect individual voices, histories, and identities. Listen with an open mind, practice empathy and avoid arrogance.
  • Intellectual honesty and curiosity - We don't know what we don't know. We rely on our elders, the guidance of our ancestors, and our community as we go on this journey of discovery. We expect our platform be the beginning of discovery,  and our readers take it upon themselves to learn more.
  • Ecumenicalism - We are not committed to any singular intellectual tradition, spiritual tradition, or worldview but draw from multiple traditional and contemporary epistemology to develop deeper understanding of ideas, and a holistic appreciation of the capacity of the human spirit and imagination.
  • Challenging conventional wisdom -Challenging conventional wisdom -We will open ourselves to a world of possibility. Sometimes it will be uncomfortable. We will see that our conventional wisdom is just conventional - that what we think is natural is merely cultural; temporal, not eternal; particular, not universal. We will explore how the world has existed in the past, and inquire if it possesses any tools we can repossess.

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