Final Girl

In Final Girl, Season 3 by Aseja Dava

Welcome to the world, Final Girl. We offer you our warm, still-beating hearts on a platter.   

This volume of TRAD Magazine features short horror fiction by queer and trans writers of color. This project contends that writing towards the monstrous, taboo, and grotesque can reveal and reckon with what it means to be human, and how we can differently examine experiences of intergenerational trauma, queerness, religion, pandemics, and disability.  

In Western slasher movie tradition, the final girl refers to the last girl standing at the end of the film’s brutalities. In these short stories, a new cast of final girls emerge. They are survivors of violence and neglect, and figures of resistance. They are angry, vengeful, and misguided. Haunted and haunting. At times, bloodthirsty. And always willing to put revenge back on the table.   

Volume Lead: Aseja Dava (@astringggoat) 

The Stories: 

all the good girls go to hell by Amanda J (@amandajeysing)

aseje by Preye Godwin (@oyiinpreye)

A Good House to Raise Daughters by Aseja Dava (@astringggoat) 

Meat by Evelyna Ekoko-Kay (@sentientabyss)

The Deal by Iqra Abid (@iqrasinterlude)