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In Belonging, Season 3 by Mazi Oluchi Ibe and Ositadimma Agu

As June, the month of Things Fall Apart was crawling into July, the Greater Igbo Nation Foundation joined voices with others including the Center for Memories, Enugwu, to remember and celebrate the epic novel Things Fall Apart written by the foremost father of African literature, Chinua Achebe, Ugonabu of blessed memories. Young Achebe had produced this epic work in 1958, …

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The Rooms We Belong In

In Belonging, Season 3 by Orna Charles-Obazei

Belonging meant a betrayal of oneself. But, true belonging celebrates individuality. It creates a warm and inviting space, drawing out your true self and giving you comfort. You genuinely belong when being authentic is no longer a choice but your freedom.

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The Journey We Must Take

In Belonging, Season 3 by Charis Oladimeji

So, why in the world do we want to know what the meaning of life is, and how do we even answer such a loaded question? Well, I’m only human, and I can’t answer this question either, but let’s face it, life can be confusing and overwhelming at times. Sometimes, we just need to step away from our daily routine and take a break to reflect on who we are, what we want, and where we’re going.

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What Am I but the Truth of My Home?

In Belonging, Season 3 by Sanyam Aggarwal

My sense of belonging arises with every whiff of aromatic caffeine. The bittersweet drink savors the truth of my home. It is astonishing yet comforting to experience the significant realization that we are the only people who get to exist as unique as ourselves.

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Hooyo’s Home

In Belonging, Season 3 by Hodan Abdi

During a hot summer day, a cheerful game of soccer was being played on the school field when my stomach turned in a way that was scary but not foreign. At the tender age of ten, I knew what that meant — I was going to be sick. Without excusing myself, I ran to the washroom just in time for …