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Time is Longer than Rope

In Time by Donisha Prendergast

I often wonder what it is that limits us from remembering who we were before this time; before we entered this realm and Babylon told us who to be. When we were just souls and consciousness waiting to choose the right vehicle to manifest. The elders say that all things will be revealed with time. And so we wait, and …

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African Time

In Time by Hassam Munir

Yasin Dwyer is a Jamaican-Canadian imam who is known for his insightful and inspiring Islamic reminders and lessons at Muslim community events. As these events often begin later than advertised, I’ve often heard Imam Dwyer quoting a mood-lightening but very thought-provoking Jamaican saying (in his Jamaican accent): “White man have clock, but Black man have time.” It would take many …

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In Time by Cadeem Lalor

“Two patties please.” I tell myself I’ll avoid grabbing any this time, but it is a tradition now. I get my haircut at the spot three stores down, then stop in here before getting the bus home. “2.50,” the clerk says. His face says he is in his fifties, but the hunched back makes him seem older. His movements are …

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In Time by Angelo Grant

From little date seeds, great things are born. Everything’s gone as planned. As per custom. Away from baby’s father for all nine months. Stayed with parents. The whole room’s been polished with cow dung, right? Yeah. Been alone since just now because I started to feel it. It’s coming. Mother, grandmother, and little sister. I wish he was here but …

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What Igbo and Hindu comsic calenders say about tomorrow

In Time by Odogwu Ibezimako

In all the units of time I have learnt to measure, time is never alive. A minute, second, year, is always a function of counting, a container to organize stuff, to organize life. Categories like millennia, era, ages, try to say something about culture, and the cultural machination of the time—the dark ages, the Muslim golden age, the age of …

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Mandela Revisited:
Do not Sanitize your heroes they were once Villains

In Time by Abeera Shahid

There is a tendency in dominant discourses to make radical historical figures palatable to a larger public by showcasing only some of their views over others. This allows society to elevate these people to the status of a “hero” without internalizing the politics or issues they were advocating for. The way we see famous figures is an artifact of time. …

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How to heal a wound.

In Time by Gabriela Roberts

What does healing mean? On a physical level, whenever our bodies are hurt and our skin’s barrier is ruptured, red blood cells create collagen needed to rush to the scene and eventually patch up said area. A straightforward way of healing. There are many things the body can heal from; depending on the scale of the wound, either more or …

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Food Is Medicine

In Food, Health and Healing by Odogwu Ibezimako

Prof. Maurice Iwu invites you to consider that our ideas of medicine are never fixed in time, and never complete. There have always existed multiple healing disciplines. He asks you to consider that the food you eat has great potential to heal you.  Prof Iwu is a professor and practitioner of pharmacognosy.  His expertise is in herbal medicine, and has …