Time is Longer than Rope

In Time by Donisha Prendergast

I often wonder what it is that limits us from remembering who we were before this time; before we entered this realm and Babylon told us who to be. When we were just souls and consciousness waiting to choose the right vehicle to manifest. The elders say that

all things will be revealed with time. And so we wait, and look out for signs and wonders, searching for truth in motion everywhere. 

Time is the elusive master of our destiny. The all-encompassing anomaly that captures our lived moments and suspends them in memory. The ultimate unknown that defines our existence. We often ask this very strange question of where does the time go. It doesn’t. It remains constant. It is the passage through which we must all travel to encounter our own evolution. It is the evidence of how we lived. Such a precious resource, yet, so easily squandered. Many people lose time wasting thoughts on the negative, not understanding that spiritual frequencies help to define our reality. 

Humans have found a way to measure time with seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years etc. Recent years have felt like one long day, with the moments melting into each other and creating a kind of muddle. But experience has taught me that life itself is just a fleeting moment. I’ve always been aware of the fact that there will always be a moment after this one, or as the saying goes “this too shall pass”. In light of this fact, I have made a conscious effort to curate my life’s moments, to develop my character, to “right” my story, everyday. When the moment comes, to put items of yourself into the time capsule for the people of the future, what will your contribution be? How will history remember you? 

Any member of the Rastafari community will tell you, the time is now. The time has always been now to be more positive about how you interact with the world and yourself. To do better at doing good. To do all the good you can, to as many people as you can, for as long as you can. Time to activate and manifest a higher work, acknowledge a deeper calling and become something for which we have never been. Seek truth to feed growth. It is better now than never to foster a greater outlook. 

This past year, we watched as the entire world was held hostage to an invisible enemy that is still taking millions of lives worldwide. An affliction that affects each and every human globally. The Coronavirus pandemic of 2020, paired with the explosion of racial tensions in the United States and the pursuant movement it incited globally, has helped to highlight the deep grooves that colonialism has left in society. It has further exposed the underbelly of a system, with only capitalist intent, that has and continues to create circumstances of sufferation and neglect. Humanity is bearing witness to these historic

moments together. We have all been forced to take a pause, to catch a breath. Life is no longer a singular experience. Now, we must align our thoughts and actions in a way that can make positive change for the collective before it’s too late. The moment is ripe for observation, introspection and evolution. We are getting older by the day, and though we think we have lots of it, time waits on no-one. 

Rastafari peoples know that time is the ultimate answer in this fight to remember all the things that have been stolen from us over generations of colonization, systemic oppression, gentrification and miseducation. It has taken centuries of separation, misinformation and division, for the generational trauma and its perpetrators to finally be spoken about in straight-up terms. There have been lifetimes of grassroots work invested in the progress of humanity. Blood, sweat and tears to realize a dream of truth and equal rights. Freedom from the shackles of modern-day slavery has taken a long time to actualize, but the world seems to be ready for more accountability. We must use our living moments wisely. Many of the seeds we plant today will bear fruit for our children and their children tomorrow. Tomorrow is almost here, so we must be diligent on the mission to remember who we were, and actualize all that we can be. A reminder, like Bob Marley said “None of them can stop the time.” 

We are living in an era of prophecy. Many Holy books have spoken about the coming of biological warfare, spiritual warfare, mind control, recurring plagues and all manner of natural disasters. And still, we know there is more for Time will tell. 

We have been prepared for these moments. We were created to help fulfill creation with the visions that come to us through dreams and ideas, and sometimes lessons. I believe that we all existed before this now and have come again. Pieces of our identity linger through time and space searching for acknowledgement. Well, stop searching, the journey is the fulfillment. 

In Jamaica, we have a saying “Time is longer than rope.” It means that there is no limit on time, versus the rope which must end at some point. So be patient and wait for your moment to come. I think that it’s also a metaphor for what is happening all around us, especially recently. It is the loosening of the noose on the rope that has bound us to outdated realities for far too long. Time has been persistent in creating space for healing; for fulfillment; for redemption; for justice. Systems of thought and long-standing oppressive institutions are collapsing on themselves, and new models of co-existence are being born. We may very well be on the cusp of another Renaissance, a Restoration of guiding principles for the sake of humanity. These are the times that we are living in, stay present. Consciousness is rising and Babylon is falling.