All the places we would rather be, and then some.

In Discover by Gabriela Roberts

We all had travel plans this year. To Africa, to Asia, to the fridge. As unfortunate as it is that we were put on house arrest without warning for the last 7 months, that does not mean our travel plans have been totally wiped from this year. Many are rediscovering their own backyards, their states, provinces, and countries. With a little creativity (or delusion) you too can travel and have the vacation experience. Thank God for technology, we can always pop open a YouTube video, or fly through newsfeeds to grab on to the feeling of visiting somewhere new.

We’ve found some inspiring people who can help you feel as though you’re in a whole new world. @thecatchmeifyoucan went ahead and made it their personal goal to visit every country. As of this moment, her Instagram showcases that she has made it to all 195 countries (HOLY!), there is no way you won’t feel as though you’re somewhere else when checking out her blog or gazing at her Instagram photos. Through her Instagram I’ve managed to travel to Cuba, Tonga, Montenegro, and Switzerland, all within an hour too. It may not be the same hands on experience but it feels almost as good to envision yourself in her shoes.

Since rediscovering our backyards is the next best thing (or better thing) to travelling away, is giving us a behind the scenes of solo van life. Travel and tailored comfort on wheels never looked so good.

The amount of money being saved by flights not being taken, we have to recognize small wins when they come. And flying to the beautiful continent of Africa tends to be long and expensive. While there is no question it is worth the time and money to go, we can still visit more places faster at the tips at our fingers.

@awaytoafrica does such an outstanding job in making us feel as though we are in the heart of a town, at cultural events, and amidst the nature of various African nations.

If you are looking for more contemporary artistic images to show you another side of Africa, @travelnoir is where you’ll want to go. There is a lot to be discovered and it’s a good time to plan for some life changing trips with the extra free time we now have. These accounts are a good starting point for some inspiration.