How Black twitter is quarantining

In Discover by Gabriela Roberts

Black people have this united talent of making the best out of any situation. COVID-19 and quarantine is no expectation. Calling out someone’s ashy elbows can no longer happen as easily as before, we can still manage to laugh at other things like taking Dr. Umar out of context and applying his invigorated speech to literally anything else. 


We have this way with words that somehow perfectly summarizes our collective feelings, no matter where we may be. Quarantine has given us all a more unified experience regardless of geographical location. 2020 may be kicking us around but we are all stars in the playoffs baybee, @vera_lovevera on twitter reminds us that we are almost done with this series of unfortunate events

credit: @vera_lovevera

The best example of Black people making the best out of any situation would be our momentous BLM protests around the world. To know that we have one another’s back around the world is one hell of a feeling. But it feels even better to find your Queen to your Slim like @skylarvibes friend did at the protests. 

credit: @skylarvibes

Finding a boo thang that cares about the betterment of Black people the same way you do, top tier experiences. BLM protests were especially draining but Black love prevails, derails, and bails us away from the weight of the world.

The biggest scandal of 2020 that has and is changing our lives, is the newly released tactic of cleaning those season stained containers that held our jollof and curry goat. While everyone else was making bread, we found and shared this moment in the container hall of fame history. The answer to our grease filled problems was…. Paper towel. Who would have thought


Black twitter has never and will never disappoint, if there is one thing that will get us through COVID-19, that isn’t our hard working doctors and healthcare workers, it’s the Black people on twitter who are ready to laugh at something.