Discover African and Black students Associations

In Discover by Ola Idris

If you have experienced being Black and African in a western institution then you know the feeling of home that overcomes you when you find your group of Black/African comrades. 

Most times we find them in our student life centers or through the African and Black associations! 

To show our appreciation for these specially home curated spaces, here are some Student associations to keep up with. 

McGill University – Black Students Network – @bsnmcgill

University of Toronto – Black Student Association – @uoftbsa

University of Waterloo – Black Association of Student Expression – @uw_base

Western University – African Student Association – @asa_westernuniversity

University of Waterloo – African Student Association – @_uwasa

York University – African Student Association – @asa_york

University of Windsor – African Student Association – @uwinasa

Obviously these are not the only clubs that exist in Ontario or even in North America and the west that act as representatives of our collective power. Let us know about your Black/African Association and your experiences. We are always looking to connect and grow the TRAD family. We are who we are because of the people that have built us up!