10 Types of Man You’d See on de Road

In Carnival, Editor's Pick by Gabriela Roberts

Let’s be honest, Carnival is a time for celebration, letting loose, bad behaviour and relaxation. Nothing beats Carnival: music, food, dancing and jamming, the pillars of a good time, but done right by Caribbeans. However, with the reality of COVID-19 and other significantly depressing realities occurring these days, Carnival no longer appears to be a prospect for the 2020 year. (Unless you go to Florida). In lieu of being deprived of the best celebration of the year. Let’s remember the man dem we’d see on the road that made Carnival, Carnival. While we do say man and ‘man dem’, we know plenty ah woman who fit.

  1. The Vagabond

There is no distance too great, hurdle too large, or price too high that will stop this one from going from Carnival to Carnival. Life is Carnival and Carnival is life. The hustle to be at as many Carnivals as possible is admirable and a skill on its own. A Vagabond gets on a likkle badder than most. He is a force to be reckoned with and we love him for it.

  1. The Duck

The Duck (or ‘ducker’) is the man who is not supposed to be at Carnival or any Carnival related events in the first place. This man is always ducking. He either called in sick for work, or told Tom, Dick, and Harry he would be somewhere else. Perhaps he told his significant other that he would not be on the road. But Carnival is an EXPERIENCE and nothing is stopping this man from having it, jamming with friends and getting on bad. This one will always be on edge, keeping an eye out for people he knows and possible acquaintances who can’t be trusted. To be out and about, he constructed the perfect plan for getting in and out all while keeping timestamps to protect his cover. Change of clothes, ready. Backup retreat, set. And if caught, deny, deny, deny. Avoid all flash photography and your day is set. 

  1. The Serial Whiner 

You know the ones, the man who jumps from whine to whine, he can’t be stopped and won’t be tamed. If there is a whine nearby, he must be present. It’s hard to tell if he is overwhelmed with the amount of bumpa selection, or overindulgent in the opportunity to catch whine pon whine. One whine, two whine, three whine, four, this one will always be wanting more. There is something fun about seeing a man trying to catch a bubble wherever possible. Like a kid in a candy store, you know this one is having the time of his life.

  1. The Olympic Baccahanlist 

No mountain, no river, nothing can stop this man from jammin’ and behavin’ bad. The acrobatics this man takes to catch a whine and to move his waistline are unmatched. We’ve all seen the videos, the handstands, the jumps; the lengths this man will go to for a whine have to be applauded. While we may risk our lives attempting something similar, this man has been trained for years to do what no other can. There is something poetic about a man honing his craft. With an extraordinary waist and a whine like no other, this man is an athlete that knows how to provide a good time and lasting memories. 

  1. The Model

This one has been working hard all year in the gym… or at least the last 4 months. His monthly fees and dedication to physical progression will not go unnoticed. He wants to stand out and, with a chance to ‘skin out,’ he will use his skin to his advantage. The photos taken this day will be shown to everyone years down the line – a trophy of working hard and playing hard. He provides some eye candy and is always finding ways to flex wherever possible. On the low, his goal is to get as many photos taken of him as possible, but Carnival fun is his first priority.

  1. The Drunkard 

There is nothing wrong with drinking and partying. But this man is stumbling. Either he did not know his limit or cared not to stay within it. This man was maybe too excited and underestimated his drinking capacity, or he had plans to be how he is. Regardless, he’s on a thin line of having the time of his life and a bad time. He always seems to have alcohol in his hand. If you see this man, give him water. 

  1. The Uncle 

Yes, the Uncle, the older gentleman who has rarely missed a Carnival and will die on road if he has to. He has years of whining experience. Though his stamina may not be the same, his ability to get on bad has not changed. It’s heartwarming to see longtime Carnival goers making it out to Carnival year after year, a reminder of how important Carnival is and how, at every point in your life, vibes cyan done.

  1. The Soca Enthusiast 

This individual knows the importance of soca within Carnival. He knows the latest hits, the words, the beat, and the rhythm. Carnival is a time to free up yuh self, and the music links you back to this meaning every time. Our Soca Enthusiast understands this and does not take the music for granted. Music has been closely connected to humans and culture for as long as we’ve known. It invigorates, moves, motivates and captures so much of us. It is an integral part of Carnival. Soca and Carnival are deeply linked. The memories and essence of Carnival will take over every time his soca playlist is used. Don’t change the tune when this man is around unless you are looking to bring down the mood and have him get rowdy. Soca plays until the end of the song/mix and you better not mess with that.

  1. The Observer 

He came, he saw…. He left. He came with his boys to scope the scene, catch a one-two whine, maybe a number, and observe. Simply here to enjoy the vibes and say he was where the party was at. He can say he was at Carnival but has no expectations or plans. The Carnival experience of the Observer can head in many directions, some get pulled in and begin to jam up with the rest, while some watch, eat and drink, and call it a day. The Observer can’t help but move his waist one-two times, however, his plan was always to watch and lime from the side. 

  1. The Boyfriend 

The final man you will see on the road is the Boyfriend. This guy came with his significant other. They came to whine on one another and enjoy the vibes. As whining partners in crime, they have each other to get on bad with and check in on. This man will be protective of his baby, and understandably so. With Serial Whiner and Olympic Bacchanalist on the prowl, it is the Boyfriend’s priority to save his significant others’ whines for himself. Be it ‘selfish’ or limiting a good time, at the end of the day this man has his partner in crime and nothing can stop these two from having a good time and making memories.