10 Types of Gyal You’d See on de Road

In Carnival by Gabriela Roberts

Carnival. Nothing compares. Liming and jamming on da road, drinking and whining — therapy comes a close second to Carnival when it comes to release and relief. The freedom, exhilaration and good vibes are extremely contagious. On the road, we have to pay homage to the women who make Carnival, Carnival. Without them, whining and liming would not be the same.

  1. The Party Queen 

We have to acknowledge, first, the Party Queen. The woman who has spent years cultivating her waistline in her room, years scoping out every fete, and years practicing on man, woman and wall. Without her dedication to the perfect whining technique, our community would not have been able to make the leaps and bounds needed to see other forms of jamming. She has spent countless hours getting her movements right, down to the millisecond, and nuff money to practice at fetes to ensure her day-of performance goes off without any issues. Her dedication to the refinement of her waist inspires whoever lays eyes on her movements and sets a precedent to follow for generations after her. She stands as an icon for all upcoming Party Queens, amd inspires many women who hope to match the oil in her waistline.

  1. The Model 

Like her male counterpart in “10 Types of man you’d see on road”, she has been working on her body to show off and look good in a costume. Her hard work and effort are undeniable, the road is her runway and she will make sure you are able to see what hours, days, and months of HIIT workouts look like. With all the work she has put in at the gym, you best believe she has the stamina to keep up with any antics happening on road. Her stamina, in combination with her honed physique, helps to highlight the beauty of various costumes. Seeing feathers sway nonstop and beads jangle all over adds so much beauty to Carnival. 

  1. The Singer 

She has been studying up on the latest releases of soca and dancehall. Every word, every pause, even when to properly take breaths. The artist of the song comes second to the performance she is giving. It does not matter if she is in key or not, who cares. What matters is the heart and soul she puts into getting every word right and on time, every time. Her voice may or may not be heard over the speakers but you can’t miss her, her passion or her performance. 

  1. The Experimenter 

There is always an adventurous one. Every Carnival, every fete, the one that has to try something new or push the limits just a bit. If we analyze the psychosis of this woman, she likely has a lot of control over her life and yearns for some sort of freedom. But we doh care, she’s providing both entertainment and long-lasting memories. Her experimental nature sets the path for numerous avenues of good vibes. Her dedication to finding adventure paves the way for newer ways to celebrate. We thank her for her upside down whining, on fence and man, her handstands, jumping splits, and acrobatic antics. Without her, we would not have the new modes of getting on that add something special to Carnival every year. 

  1. The Aunty 

We love this aunty, she has seen Carnival through the times. She embodies what Carnival is about in every way. Her energy, her whine, and her smile encompass everything that is important to Carnival and having a good time. She has had a direct hand in upholding what Carnival is. Don’t be surprised to see her whine on one man, two man, three man, four. She is not afraid to show the young ones exactly what a good time is supposed to look like. 

  1. Lucy 

Destra knew exactly who her song was for when she released ‘Lucy’. We all either are or know Lucy. She is typically always home, not going anywhere. But when she touch down, woii! Whole place shell down. Lucy is the one who found her place on da road with the rest of us. She is we and we is she, our first fete, our first Carnival, Lucy emerged. Lucy is also the woman who goes out once a year, focusing and grinding the other 364 days, but having the time of her life that one euphoric day. It is likely you won’t recognize her. Monday to Friday she is someone else, but Carnival time she is a monster whiner. Can’t be stopped, won’t be stopped. 

  1. The Foodie 

Finally, this list would not be complete without mentioning one of the most multi-talented woman to appear at Carnival. Whining your waist and gettin’ on bad takes a lot of energy. Energy comes from food and this woman has learned how to eat and back it up at the same time. One is not more important than the other and she has perfected the most ideal harmonious state that allows both her taste buds and her rumpah to jump.

  1. The Trophy 

Different from the model mentioned previously, while both are there to look good, this fashionista stands proud on her own. She is here to look cute and only look cute. This one mainly walks around or stands aimlessly — can’t get too hot and sweaty. The goal of the day is to get as many good photos as possible. You can likely catch her on top of a truck, waving to the crowd. Everyone must have their eyes blessed with all that she is offering, so on de road and online will have many angles, as well as opportunities, to see why she is a trophy.

  1. The Runner

There are a few things that keep this woman running — her song playing or licks (liquor if you’re unfamiliar) in her system. Carnival typically happens once a year, if you’re not moving internationally to catch the next one. One day to let loose, reconnect with your roots and get on bad. When her song is playing, she must run to be where it is. When an area is jammin’ a bit better than another, it is her mission to be there. Any other day of the week, she is unlikely to be as athletic as she is on the road, but this day she must connect with her inner Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce. Do not expect to catch her; she will always be on to the next section, song, or location. 

  1. The Replacement ‘Man’

Either you have a man or no man is allowed to catch a whine from you. No matter the reason, this woman has your back, well, your bum. Whines are meant to be caught once in a while and if you are in need of a ‘whine receiver’, this gyal will be there. Sometimes you want to give a whine without having someone catch feelings — can’t be changing everyone’s lives each time you go out. This woman knows how to support those around her in having a good time. She can follow a whine and definitely has the rhythm to keep up. You can focus on providing a proper whine without stopping, restarting, and waiting for the other party to keep up. She catches whines in solidarity with her sisters who don’t always want an over-eager man behind them. We have to shout out this woman as she has saved whines, time and time again.