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On Mathematics

In mathematics by Dinan Alasad

In stacks of one-dirham notebooks with plastic covers, Haboba keeps track of things. Accompanied by a classic CASIO calculator, scrap paper from knitting print-outs and a pen, she documents anything that can be quantified. She has kept track of her life as our family expanded in numbers and scattered across countries. At some point, the calculator became redundant. She says …

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In mathematics by Halima Aliyu

For centuries, Africans have used patterns, discovering and manipulating geometric concepts to make them symbolic systems. So, mathematics wasn’t far from being a language. They transformed abstractions into knowledge. Ideas from their human minds were then communicated in a highly artistic manner. The significant geometric patterns are visible on decorations covering architectural styles: buildings, traditional monuments, and temples.

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can i complain about math real quick ?

In mathematics by Layla Ahmed

It’s 2016, and I’ve been swindled into a math competition. I’ve always been “good” at math. The monotony of it suited me; the rote memorization of formulae and obvious pattern recognition, while anxiety- inducing in others, came to me instantly. It also meant that, once I understood something, I also didn’t care to spend an hour and a half doing …

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The Revolution Will Not Be Engineered

In mathematics by Sameh Helmy

I wonder. What purpose would I serve if I had a different religion, and if I wasn’t forced to practice the one I do? Right about now, you’re wondering too: which religion is he talking about? Is it mine? Am I forced too?! Or maybe you’re not anxious, and you’re just going to keep on reading to find out. Go …

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zero is political

In mathematics by Moboluwajidide (Bo) Joseph

in the beginning: there is water; the world is without form, an empty void; a hen scatters sand poured from a snail’s shell as a god watches on; life is breathed into clay figurines; the sun emerges from a mound; order unravels from chaos; a great flood recedes from the land; matter coalesces from a big bang; there comes a …

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In Creation Camp by RAMI N

1100 years ago, a mask was created to bind Earth and the underworld together. The humans of earth and the demons of the underworld formed an agreement that the mask would be kept safe by the Sato family. Generations later, the humans and demons are at war, and a new child of the Sato family must end the war. “Hey, …

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In Creation Camp by Jaylah A. Hall

“Woah—what are you doing?! Amara, this is insane!” Kenny yells. I shush him. There’s rustling behind one of the trees, but I can’t tell which one.  It’s been following us the whole time.  It shifts behind a shrub, as if it’s trying to get a better angle. I catch the sounds it makes as it hastens itself across from us. …

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A Tree, Somewhere

In Creation Camp by Milca Bantembela

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorns have roses.”-Alphonse Karr * * * Somewhere is where dreamers are destined to end up, no matter how hard they try, once everything crumbles around them and they lose every single bit of hope they had left. Those dreamers are like Shawn Hastings from my grade nine math …

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~from somebody putting down something on paper ~

In Creation Camp by Olivia Raine

September 29th, 1988 – En Route to New York City “Name, Miss?”  “Alice Carlisle.” It was a beautiful train, I had to journal every detail for Amare. My brother would be expecting a spectacular story. I glanced at the old couple across from me, and imagined she was a baker, running a fabulous patisserie in New York. He was her …

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In Creation Camp by Amora Robinson

“Hey, James?” Kiyoko whispered.  “Ya?” He answered.  “There’s no holiday or anything happening today right?” Kiyoko asked with confusion.  “I don’t think so… Why?” He asked.  “All the places and parking lots I passed were empty,” Kiyoko said. James was even more confused than Kiyoko hence he just woke up. He threw on his shoes to see for himself. The …