# Black Lives Matter – A Thread

In Modernity/Tradition by Gabriela Roberts

Black lives, they matter here!

Black trans lives matter. Black women’s lives matter. Black children’s lives matter.

They matter in Canada, In America, In Brazil, in Sudan, in Ethiopia, and everywhere.  

They matter when hurricanes rip up homes in Jamaica, in New Orleans, in St Lucia.

They matter when Edo girls are kidnapped and sold into slavery in Italy, and Fula boys are enslaved in Libya. 

Black lives matter when activists are murdered and disappeared in Oromia, in Khartoum, and Mogadishu. 

Our kids drinking lead in Flint matter, our kids mining cobalt in Congo matter. 

If a Black girl dies in a room. And no camera is there to hear her scream, does she still make a sound? 

We are a history of revolutions and we will be heard. 

We are Jamaican Maroons, we are Haitian revolutionaries, we are Independence lovers, children of Yaa Asantewaa !

Abolition, Independence, anti- Apartheid, we did that. We dethroned dictators! 

Any regime that will not create a world where we can go jogging, sing, sleep, or buy skittles will fall. 

We will not wait for a camera pointed in the right direction to care, to mobilize, to act.

Wherever there is injustice in this world, we will show it our Black skin and it will bend. 

Black Lives, they matter here, they matter everywhere.