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Does Lobolo (Bride-Price) diminish the status of women? It’s complicated:
What bride price says, and doesn’t say about marriage, power, and gender

In Matrimony by Odogwu Ibezimako

Bride price, sometimes called bridewealth, often understood as “purchase money” was regarded as incompatible with British legal jurisprudence and colonial Christian traditions. It became an obstacle to the legal recognition of indigenous marriage practices.  Contemporary feminists consider the practice to be inherently anti-feminist and a relic of the pas that upholds traditional patriarchal norms. In some ways, they are correct, …

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What you need to know about Shona Marriages.

In Matrimony by Tine Ndhlovu

I suggest instead of roora being viewed or used as a purchase, it is considered to be a respectful exchange between both families. A sign of goodwill. Similar to the transfer of a wedding ring, it comes with the added benefit of milk production and calves. Traditional and contemporary needs are met, and everyone’s appetite, satisfied.