TRAD is a grassroots educational organization and digital publication. We create creole educational experiences, publish, and create educational resources for learners, teachers, and the community.

Our goals are to create community, foster curiosity, and harness creativity.  We choose to dream, think and write, about the world on our terms.

The successes of our platform are made possible through our talented, engaged and committed fellows. Our first class of TRAD fellows published over 120 unique stories and created over 100 pieces of art. Their ideas are read on four continents by over 30,000 people.

“We are proud to announce that applications are open to join our next class of creators, through the TRAD Fellowship.”

The TRAD fellowship.

A month long artistic, personal and community development opportunity.

Followed by a year-long publishing, cultural inquiry, community and personal development experience with TRAD. TRAD fellows will curate and create season two of TRAD Magazine and lead educational and creative initiatives for the community throughout the season (June 2021 - May 2022).

TRAD fellows are paid, and the fellowship is free to eligible and accepted fellows. The fellowship schedule has been optimized for flexibility and accessibility.

Between June and July (with breaks), TRAD fellows are coached by leading thinkers, creatives and community workers. The fellowship is made possible by the Ontario Trillium Foundation and enabled by Empowerment Squared. 


Who is the ideal TRAD Fellow? Someone who is a team player, who is curious and wants to learn, is community-minded. TRAD fellows will are selected via an open application process.

  • Be a resident of Ontario, Canada, with priority spots going to residents in, Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa and Waterloo.
  • Should be 17 - 27 years old. ( Exceptions can be made, your rationale should be in your letter of intent).
  • Community is at the core of what we do. We are looking for people willing to be in community, give willingly and share collaboratively with the team.
  • Be able to participate in virtual workshops on the mid-afternoon and late evening 5th of June, 19th of June, 27th of June, 10th of July, and 18th of July. 
  • Different levels of writing experience, and styles of writing are welcome.


Community development

We are a community first. This team is charged with ensuring the welfare of our fellows. They host monthly community socials with fellows and work to build community with the TRAD Magazine readership. They are responsible for fostering relationships with African and Black Students Associations and community partners. There are two positions open on this team.


Charged with setting up the TRAD marketplace and building up TRADs revenue  portfolio. There are two positions open on this team. 


They enable TRADs educational priorities of; building confidence, fostering curiosity, and harnessing power. They allow our readers to go deeper into our publication by creating learning plans, developing reading guides, and creating additional educational tools used in community centres, student associations, and schools. There are four spots available on our education team.

Production and Communications 

They tell our story, help us engage with our community and find new audiences.  We have one spot for a bilingual French and English speaker and one spot for a graphics designer.

Writers room 

They explore ideas by writing for TRAD magazine. They regularly participate at TRAD events where they feature as panelists or hosts. They publish both fiction and non-fiction, interviews, long-form and short-form, essays and social pieces. They write for TRAD videos and podcasts. All writers receive training through the fellowship and are supported by seasoned editors and professional producers.


They create original art to support TRAD magazine. They explore design concepts through the creation of original TRAD doodles.

Apply now

Check our FAQs section for any additional information. 

Meet the mentors


Saredo Mohamed


Dr. Lillian Allen 


Surer Mohamed




Angelyn Francis


Sarah Jama 


Randell Adjei


Judicaelle Irakoze


Dr. Christopher Taylor


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