Featured Artist – Jaylah Hall

In Return by TRAD

Jaylah is a multifaceted artist who engages the world through poetry, design, and performance. A teen boss, and co CEO of Honey Cosmetics, she visualizes and represents possibility through her work. Her signature style features characters with sharp edges, bold looks and swagger to boot.

“I’m sooo blessed to be a part of the design team at @trad_magazine . We released Season 2 Vol. 1 with a bang! Such amazing stories, writers, and artists. This month, we redefine—and return to—what true Blackness is, and what true humanity is. This is the cover of S2VOL.1: RETURN.”


Art Concept: A boy from North America finds himself in an advanced civilization where all Black cultures across the diaspora live in one city. In this mega-city, different buildings, designs, and foods from different spots across the African diaspora are all evident in order to form it’s rich, and futuristic cultural appearance. The overall currency consists of many different currencies within African and Caribbean countries including Jamaican dollars, Sudanese pounds, Nigerian nairas, and many more (depending on where you are in the city determines what currency you use the most)! While spending time here—and earnestly searching for a way “home”—the boy returns to (and discovers) his roots, and learns the stories attached to the sociological and historical moments in time that have formed the city’s advanced and current state, and why he is the first person in Black America to learn about it’s existence.