Featured Artist: Amani Omar

In Season 2, To Be by Amani Omar

Amani Omar is a 19 year old artist, writer, and spoken word poet based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Her work is rooted in black and Muslim representation, social issues, self love and Somali culture. Her goal is to create and inspire young creatives to explore their voices and bring about more diversity in the media through her artistic content.

The concept

To be, or not to be? That is the age-old question, and in this volume we see our writers ask the question: “what does it mean to be me?” There is power in exploring the world inside ourselves, to search for our identity, or expand on the universe inside. This piece was all about introspection and identity. The texture of the body is like something under a microscope, genes, fingerprints etc. The face, a galaxy of stars, reminding us of the world inside our own bodies and our own minds. This is contrasted by the loud and clutter from the outside “world” of the body. Question marks, X marks, sun, squiggles, letters, and eyes. In a way, it represents the abstract world that we try to conceptualize, and find a place in. It’s confusing, but it’s well worth it because it only adds to the beautiful galaxy within ourselves.