Playlist|Volume One.

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Here are some song’s that we were listening to while we were making this volume. They reflect where our minds are at, what we are thinking through, feeling through, what we are hopeful for, and fearful of.

Black Parade – I think this is Beyonce’s most important song. In between flooded (flooded), flooded (flooded), on my wrist, ow Ooh, goin’ up, goin’ up, motherland, motherland drip on me Ooh, melanin, melanin, my drip is skin deep, she sings “Lay down, face down in the gravel We wearin’ all attire white to the funeral Black love, we gon’ stay together ”

Ye – Takes me back to ASA house-parties. We are packed in the house of the one person brave enough to spare their basement. “My breda, whazit gon be, G wagon, or the Bentley !”

Sue me – I love that Wale made a song off Issa Raes interview… its truly how I feel when I am just excited to be Black and want to share that with everyone.

85-to-Africa – Jidennas whole album is the vibe to channel when making the journey back home. This song on blast, in a plane, with home approaching slowly. Perfect. “Somethin’ in the land where bredas run the planet”. But is africa a continent tho, that’s all am saying.

Come Back Home – I play this song to reminisce the feeling of being surrounded by my community and those that are pieces of home to me. Turns out home is in who we are.

Tujiangalie – Sauti Sol calls us to action for what we believe in by examining ourselves but I save the reflection for another time as I sway to their smooth voices. The feeling of hope fills me heart as the song closes and I hear “ If the rich always win then why should the popular run?
Unless Democracy is a word we just say only for fun”

Matalib – in a beautiful medley of Arabic and English, i tear up listening to one of my personal redemption songs through the Sudanese revolution of 2019. It reminds me of the beauty of resistance, of art in articulating the pain of the hurt.

African sun – a song that stole my attention on TikTok perfectly expressed how it feels following current news cycles and remind oneself of your internal power and peace. Maybe it was hearing the lines “ I let things hit me deeply. Heavy weight till I can’t breathe” that felt a little loud and personal.

I hope you enjoyed listening to this as much as we enjoyed making it !