Stories of the Caribbean:
Must Read books by Caribbean writers.

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The Caribbean is filed with rich experiences and adaptations of life on the islands. The stories and culture often transcend borders and are reflected in the experiences of Caribbean immigrants all over the globe. Dive in with us into these narratives as we explore 7 titles written by Caribbean writers. 

  1. ‘Til the Well Runs Dry – Lauren Francis-Sharma

Francis-Sharma takes us through the journey of a 16-year-old Marcia Garcia, a seamstress, living alone, raising two children and guarding a family secret. The story takes us through her experiences living in a northern Trinidad village and her love story with a young Police man, Farouk Karam. 

  1. The Pain Tree – Olive Senior

A collection of short stories that represents the various characters that embody Jamaica. Olive senior moves us, deeply, every 4-10 pages and packs each story with unforgettable antidotes and lessons that become elevated on the pages. The pain tree is truly a collection that transcends time periods, themes, regions and voices. 

  1. Here Comes the Sun – Nicole Y. Dennis-Benn

Nicole gives us a peek into the turns and twists of Margot, a Jamaican woman sacrificing herself and her body to afford for her sister the life she couldn’t get. We learn the struggle of prioritizing community while still attempting to be a free, liberated gay Jamaican woman. Nicole writes with such passion truly depicting life inside what we all see as paradise. 

  1. The Star Side of Bird Hill – Naomi Jackson 

A tale of sisters learning about the origins of their family in Bird Hill, Barbados after spending their life growing up in Brooklyn, New York and the impending decision they must both make on where their hearts lie. While Dionne spends her time looking for love and getting on her grandmother’s nerves, her younger sister follows her grandmother around learning the ways of being a midwife and a Obeah practitioner. 

  1. Krik? Krak! – Edwidge Danticat

When Haitians tell a story, they say “Krik?” and the eager listeners answer “Krak!”. In this collection of stories, Danticat tells of tales of people finding freedom from their oppressors through their imagination, women loving being prison bars and the pain of incomprehensible loss. We get to explore the intricacies of the Haitian community in Haiti and in the United states in a fresh and unimaginable way. 

  1. How to love a Jamaican – Alexia Arthurs 

Another collection of short stories, ones that paint the picture of Jamaican communities in the US and their families back home. Truly a myriad of stories that can not be put in the same box, but all equally vibrant and a wonderful depiction of the Caribbean immigrant experience. 

  1. A Brief History of Seven Killings – Marlon James

A brief history of seven killings is centered around the famous attempted assassination of Bob Marley and his family two days before his Smile Jamaica concert in 1976. It then weaves through fictional stories of different perspectives on community violence from the US, to Cuba to Jamaica and the involvement of politics in it. Marlon James proves his talent as a writer and how deserving he is of the awards that he has gained for this piece.