A Black person’s guide to saving the planet

In Discover, list by Gabriela Roberts

The earth is in shambles. But it’s not entirely OUR fault. Sure there are things we can work on together. Take time to nurture our soil a bit more. But we are reducing reusing and recycling. The margine container with leftovers, eco-friendly. Plastic bag drawer for all our plastic bag needs, eco-friendly. Kids being yelled out to turn off the lights, eco-friendly.

While we do a lot of things day to day that are eco-forward,it may be time to do more. More margarine containers in use, more plastic bag hoarding, less light usage. Sea levels are rising and BP oil can’t stop extracting oil from the sea and oil sands, Apple can’t stop producing products that require child labour for battery parts, and Bezos needs to keep packaging all ofour package needs.

So it is our collective duty to do the right thing. How can we rush to thaw out chicken in peace, knowing that the rising sea levels will engulf our homes, our shores. The world we live in delegates so much power to money, making it that much more imperative to buy more margarine to empty out. We have to get creative with our plastic, we can change the industries by putting our money where we find it important. 

In all seriousness, the environment is our home. Even if you don’t like bugs, rodents and plants, as much as we try to separate ourselves from nature in urban areas we are very much connected to it. Our reality is that our home is in danger from us as a collective. Not paying attention is a massive disservice to ourselves and those after us. We know the vibes, action not taken today will be the consequence of tomorrow. We have so much power, we see it when we pressure the same institutions that oppress us. We have power to also hold the largest perpetrators of environmental demise accountable. Our homes that kiss the seas will be under the water if we delay to act. Our individual actions are meaningful, but we can put more pressure on larger producers of waste.