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Chapter 7: Why the spider spin’s its web

In Door of Return, Editor's Pick by Ewurama Brew

All the curry from her fingers rush into my nose. She was the peppers under her skin, and light as basil. All of her flowed into me as my nose swallowed the scents from her scarf. Her voice summons me to the places in between what is true, and what is possible. The living room became an auditorium, an arena, …

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Chapter 8: Flight

In Door of Return by Aseja Dava

On my flight back home,  I clutched silvery and blue feathers for my life, riding on the back of a bird the size of a moon. We soared through a current of storm clouds as the bird spoke anxiously over the sound of thunder.  “I’d like to express that I have several concerns,” said the bird.  “Uh-huh,” I muttered, more …

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Chapter 9: Egg

In Door of Return by Chelsea Bodoe

Everyone had gathered at the table for lunch, we had even convinced Grandma to come sit, although she had been strangely reluctant, muttering on about something she was looking after.  Come to think of it, Grandma had been distracted at the market. Rather than looking at what we needed for stew, she haggard over to stalls that were selling herbs …

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Door of Return Soundtrack

In Door of Return, Playlist by TRAD

It was Akeelah’s destiny to open the door of return 1000 years after her Ashanti ancestors put the helpers inside. But she forgot. Now the helpers are free and are ravaging her dreams and Bridgetown. Akeelah must find a way to reconcile with her history, and unravel the web Anansi spins for the people. This is a soundtrack to this …